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And they say a box of rocks is dumb!
Published on November 28, 2011 By TheTalkingRock In Humor


My close personal friend, Mr. Coal, has a great sense of humor. He told me the other day that he overheard a radio program that one of the miners digging him up was listening to. Evidently many humans think the Universe was created by a rapid expansion of a singularity. They call it the "big bang theory". So let me explain it better. Before there was a Universe and everything in it, like matter, mass, energy, and even time, there was absolutely nothing. Then one day, for reasons unknown, something came from this nothing and expanded into what is now everything.

I guess you know there are laws that cannot be broken? Take for example the laws of physics, namely those of thermodynamics, where the second law says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms. I guess no one told this law to the big bang people. When scientists come up with an idea that they cannot empirically prove with hard evidence they come up with a big story. Take comets for example, no one has any idea how they came about. No one has ever seen a comet being born and that really bothered a man named Jan Oort who decided that since he watched a comet sail by in his telescope that it had to come from somewhere. Oort had been told that if someone repeats a lie enough, people believe it as a fact. So Oort started telling anyone who would listen that comets come from a cloud. But that wasn't enough because he knew people would ask to see that cloud of comets so he came up with a brilliant excuse, he said the cloud was too far away to see even with the best telescopes. That kept most of the skeptics satisfied and other astrologers were so impressed they named the cloud ofter Oort. When Oort went around telling people about his cloud and someone asked "If you can't see it, how do you know it is there?", Oort would look at the other people in the audience and roll his eyes. Then the audience would start giggling and saying "Idiot" in low whispers until the person that asked the question got really embarrassed and sat down.

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